Morrison Avenue About UsI love to wear t-shirts to show where I have been or to share a bit of my personality. Raised in New York, I have always remembered how riding the trains was the best way to get around. I also remember when you would just be hanging out with friends or meeting new ones, the question always came up. "Where are you from?". I always said something like, "Right of the 6 train by Elder Avenue", or "Right of the 4 train by Woodlawn". Right away everyone knew where it was and would responded with, "Oh yea, I know where that is!", "I have a friend or a cousin or I used to live there."

Living in a city, everyone recognizes the train stations from their every day travels. It is obvious these stations are very popular landmarks. Why not share your favorite train stop, or where your get off to go home, where you grew up or where you visited while on vacation? What if you met someone new that probably lived or lives in the same area because of your train stations shirt? You would have never met otherwise. The possibilities are endless.

This is why we decided to offer these custom shirts. These shirts are one of a kind. They were created by us here at Just Marre and they are printed here in the USA! We are going to keep expanding the shirt line to include many other popular train stations from other big cities so make sure you follow us on Instagram, Facebook or sign up for our newsletter so you don't miss out.

We encourage you to contact us if there is a stop we do not have and we will do our best to design a shirt just for you.